I start with what you want from the dog training experience.

Dedicated to getting it right the first time

I give careful consideration of your pet’s age, temperament, breed characteristics, past experience, and environment to create a personalized program for you and your pet.

Custom-Tailored Dog Training

Private dog training in your home, scheduled at your convenience. Call or text:
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Life Long Learning

Bill Stavers voted “Best Dog Trainer in Los Angeles” by Los Angeles Magazine, has continued to study by taking online courses, attending and teaching seminars, and reading about how dogs and people learn.


“Before we called Bill, my husband and I were losing hope. Whenever our dog was left alone, he would tear into whatever he could find. After just one session with Bill, we had a plan…and a plan that worked. The thing about working with Bill that I appreciate the most is the way his methods have strengthened my connection with my dog. It’s been wonderful to worry less about his destructive behaviors and put my focus on building trust between the dog and I. I am so grateful for the warm and knowledgeable way he’s worked with our little family.”
Michelle T.
“Bill helps my clients get results quickly. He is realistic about goals, informed about dog training and understands the problems we see in many dog breeds. He is also honest and straightforward about problems. I am not surprised that Los Angeles Magazine featured Bill Stavers as best trainer in Los Angeles. His techniques are sensible and easy to follow.”
Cassie Jones, DVM,, Point Vicente Animal Hospital
“Bill Stavers is one of the best dog trainers. From puppy training to problem solving, he’s a pro at helping families learn how to coexist harmoniously with their pets”
Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sirius Dog Training